Ravelry Wish List

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I have posted on the "chat" thread on the Ravelry Hogwarts sock swap page .. but I will post it here as well ... you can now create a 'wish list' on Ravelry in your queue listing for patterns you would like to buy.

This way your partner can see what patterns you don't have yet, or what sorts of things you like ... maybe you want a pattern from Cookie A or Nancy Bush ... or perhaps you want a pattern for toe socks or flip-flop socks or toe-thongs ... or maybe you are looking for a pattern which works with a particular yarn in your stash.

To learn how visit this page on ravelry ... they even have a way for you to 'gift' your pattern choice for your partner without having to download it and then email it off or print it up before sending it.

plus its a great way to keep track of all those patterns that you would love to make! Now if there was only a way to let hubbies in temporarily to get gifts for us.